Trying to find my late Dads old GSI

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Trying to find my late Dads old GSI

Post  Maximini on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:24 pm

Hi All

Dont know if anyone out there can help or share this message but I am trying to find my late Dads old GSI so I can bring it back to the family and if necessary restore it. Its a 1992 model year Cavalier GSI 2000 4X4 in Bordeaux Red originally with Grey Velour. He ran it as a company car from nearly new although it may have been registered originally to Nidd Vale Motors Harrogate, the 1 st or if thats the case second owner would have been Pindargraphics T/A Alphagraphics. He had a mobile phone system fitted and each door had a Turbo style 4x4 badge on it as well as a GSI badge on the nearside front bumper.

The registration number is J802GEU and the chassis number is W0L000087N1110629. It was first registered on the 31st January 1992. I have spoken to the DVLA and sent off the usual paperwork to find registered keeper but they tell me its currently showing as sold into trade. Its not MOT'd and tax ran out in 2003 so I am not confident of finding it, however it may be stored in a barn or sat in a Vauxhall Showroom somewhere mint (Chance would be a fine thing). Any help I can get would be much appreciated. I am hoping to find it or track it down. Hope you all can help!!


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