What is the GSi2000 worth these days?

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What is the GSi2000 worth these days?

Post  c20xe on Wed May 25, 2011 8:58 pm

Well obviously the condition is in the value, but a GSi that has all windows working, no fault codes, interior with no rips/tears/scratches, no bolster wear! and not that much rust, engine fine to just maybe a little knock at start??

or say..

A GSi2000 with some windows not operating, couple fault codes, dash with holes drilled into them (from like a phone holder) or a rip in a door card, seats with bolster wear, and say both archs in need of sorting, and engine knocks/taps alot??

or say..

all of the electrics are working fine and engine fine but the body in need of some serious help??

lol i know we cant just state a figure as all cars are in different states, but roughly how much are they worth?

Its just that Im thinking of selling mine, Sad not that i want to!!!!! but i have 4 cavs and a Zaf, Baby on the way next week hopefully, and could do with the space really. I never ever thought i would sell it, as its the 4x4 model and very rare. even tho the 4x4 has packed up now. its easily replaced or fixable, with its independant rear suspention, accumilator setup all in there still. i would say my cavalier GSi2000 4x4 16v is in the top catorgrey above, just that the 4x4 now not working and the n/s arch needs doing. Since owning the car, i have had both sills welded, Inner/Outer both sides,

The car is fast, and handles well, although at some point it will need new antiroll bar bushes, as ive never had these replaced in the time i owned it 7 yrs. 5 yrs of being stord in my garage. Its only been back out since Jan 2011.

it will need a new roof lining inside to as that started to sag whilst sat in the garage for 5 yrs,

the slabs ar not mint but ok still. oh and its just gone over 152 thou miles on the clock.

it does have a little tap at start but disserpears after 10 mins.

i really dont want to sell it, but to be honest i want to keep the Turbo 4x4 models more, and if at least one car has to go... then the gsi it is ;(

Its bit of a tricky question really eh, but as i say, it depends on condition all round,

but rough price guide please.

I will have to put some pics up soon as i go out there!



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Re: What is the GSi2000 worth these days?

Post  cavagsi on Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:52 pm

pics needed,
from what your describing and a little look around pistonheads trader etc id say around 900-1100..............
just a rough guess!

shame you have to get rid though,make sure it goes to a buyer who will look after it, and not rip the engine out for his corsa! Wink

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